Customer Says

You know that feeling you get when you stay at a luxury resort hotel and you just have to find out where they got the bed, pillows, towels, custom furniture? Well, that’s the feeling Craig creates in his interior design. I can’t tell you how many people have asked me where we got this, where we got that, and WHO did all this for us? It’s like living in a luxury resort that was designed specifically for us!

Richard B. Vaughn, International Fertility Law Group Inc.,

Craig’s talents in interior design are remarkable. He is able to intuit the colors and shapes that complement your personality, in order to create a comfortable, sophisticated, casual and fitting home environment just for you. Stepping into your home after Craig has done his work, makes you feel like you have come back to your personal sanctuary. He manages to shape your home environment such that your personality shines through to a degree you never realized would have such an impact on your happiness. Every day I take pleasure in my environment and I owe that to Craig and his gifted talents.

Sharon K. Christie Founder / CEO / CTO,

I have owned and remodeled 5 properties in the last 10 years and I have used Craig Olsen on all them. Craig has been invaluable in really honing in on what it is I am looking for, my budget, and what I want to accomplish with my interiors. Whether it is a simple refreshing and updating, getting a property ready for a furnished rental, or creating my own home space. Craig actually gets a great deal of joy and pride out helping me bring the look and feel I want to a property. Whether traditional or more trend centric, his interiors are personal and always feel like home.

Todd Murray, Murray Properties,

I met Craig several years ago through some colleagues at work when he had designed their offices. I was fortunate enough to have him re design my office at Anonymous Content from the ground up- and it is such a satisfying and uplifting and rejuvenating work space for me now. Plus it’s fun to see people’s jaws drop when they walk in and see how beautiful it is.

Craig has been working with me for 6 months preparing for a top down renovation of my home and kitchen. He is always thoroughly delightful, creative, inspired, professional and just fabulous to work with on every level. And the results are breath taking!

Eli Selden, Manager and partner at Anonymous Content, Los Angeles, California,

Although I know what I like/don’t like, I had no idea where to start with my house. Craig was invaluable at giving me direction and inspiration towards shaping each room.

Sandra Chang- Talent Manager, Anonymous Content,